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Parinvaihto erotic massage tampere

parinvaihto erotic massage tampere

Its said that customers in this city pay 40 for a quickie and around 100-200 for an hours service. Amatsoonit, hämeenpuisto 39, Tampere 33200 p Alongside a range of sex toys and adult playthings you can also enjoy a private dance from one of the performers who work here. You can find details of special events through the. In addition, the restaurant serves a full menu. You can shop inside their boutique for the usual range of toys, DVDs and accessories or slip inside a private room to be entertained by whoever is on rota with an intimate show or lap dance.


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The club is open from 10am to 8pm Monday to Friday and Saturday from midday to 6pm. They also run their parinvaihto erotic massage tampere own in-house entertainment with a peep-show style theatre. The best resource for swinging events can be found through the. The club caters for fet lovers and you can get a great personal dominatrix show with their resident mistress in the specially equipped S M room. These additional services come at a cost so you need to be up-front with this. Featured image via Wikimedia. Prices start at around 40 for a private show with the club being open seven days a week from 12pm to 2am. They also provide domination shows which start at 80 for half an hour. Owing to the current legal situation, street prostitutes face prosecution for soliciting and streetwalking so most avoid it where they can, preferring to advertise online instead.

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